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ViConnect 820mm Cistern Frame 922475


Product Code9224.75.00
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ManufacturerVilleroy & Boch
Stock Level2


Versionfor dry-wall construction, low, installation height 830 mm
Dimensions525 x 820 x 155 mm
Product descriptionWC element
descriptionfor dry-wall construction, low, installation height 820 mm
for covering with plasterboard, installation onto a solid brick wall, in dry-wall constructions etc., adjustment range of feet from unfinished floor level to upper edge of finished floor level: 0-200mm, adjustment range front to wall: 155-205mm (when mounted on wall brackets)
4-point fastening
with wall brackets, includes support feet and fastening materials, with protection cap for the flushing pipe, 2 times M12 WC retaining bolts adjustable to 180/230mm with protection plugs and nuts, installation instructions, without flush plate
Individual packaging materials
For combination with: for wall-mounted WC
self-supporting powder-coated steel frame, fully pre-assembled, front/top operated
front/top operated, button function transmitted to drain fitting via flexible cables, connection to flush plate via bayonet joint, with protection cap for the flushing pipe
concealed cistern with insulation against condensation with dual flush 3/6l, adjustable to 3/4,5l, maximal flush quantity 4/9l, filling valve Noise Class I, flexible hose for filling valve, can be tightened by hand, 2-part angle valve connection set R1/2, mounting clip, 4 adjustment settings, protection box for access opening can be cut to size, WC connecting bend 90° DN 90 (Ø90)/with reducing sleeve DN 90(Ø90) / DN 100 (Ø110) with protection cap, complete WC connection set DN 90 ( Ø90)/180mm, certification marks for concealed cistern: Noise Class I,