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Fill and Flush Valves

Fill and Flush Valves

Impuls380 Filling Valve

Application purpose- Geberit Impuls380 240.700.00.1 For filling cisterns For use with grey water (rainwater), providing…

£47.15 £37.72

Impuls360 Filling Valve

Application purpose - Geberit Impuls360 For water supply connection at the bottom For water supply connection 1/2"…

£47.78 £38.22

Impuls250 Flush Valve

Impuls250 Flush Valve. Complete With Half Moon Button - Plain(Not Printed With Any Manufactures Logo) The Dual flush Green and White column will fit …

£50.16 £40.13

Impuls280 Flush Valve

For installation in ceramic cisterns Overflow pipe height-adjustable Adjustable flush volume depending on amoun…

£60.21 £48.17